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Welcome To Thanksgiving Sermons!

The Habit of Thankfulness - 1 Thess. 5:18 By John A Broadus
   Well, how do we form other habits?
   If you wish to establish the habit of doing a certain thing, you take pains to do that thing,
   upon every possible occasion, and to avoid everything inconsistent therewith.
   Now, then, if you wish to form the habit of thankfulness, just begin by being thankful -- not next year,
   but tonight; not for some great event or experience, but for whatever has just occurred,
   whatever has been pleasant, yes, and we did say, for whatever has been painful.
   You certainly can find some special occasion for thanksgiving this very night.
   And then go on searching for matter of gratitude, and just continuing to be thankful, hour by hour, day by day.
   Thus the habit will be formed, by a very law of our nature.
   But remember that good habits cannot be maintained without attention. ...More

Giving Thanks To God - Psalm 116:12
   Thanksgiving day is not set aside in order that we might concentrate all our gratitude within that day
   and take God's gifts for granted the rest of the year.
   Someone has suggested that we should change Thanksgiving Day into a day of grumbling
   and complaining, and spend the other 364 days of the year in thanksliving...More.

Where Are The Nine? - Like 17:17
   Have we emerged from the leprosy of ancient wars and recent battles, cleansed by
   the Master's own hand, blessed by His countenance, raised by His goodness,
   lifted by His providential care, saved by His vicarious love -- only to forget?...More

Why Is Thanksgiving Important? - 1 Thessalonians. 5:18
   Unless we are thankful, we're not emotionally healthy.
   Or, to put it another way, we're out of touch with reality.
   All of us owe so much to other people -- people to whom we should occasionally express it...More.

Ingratitude - John 1:11
   We have the sweet flavor of divine love in our mouths, and yet, we desert the banquet table of the Lord.
   This is gross ingratitude!
   This is a definite slap at the precious gifts of God's grace... More

Look For The Blessing! - Psalm 118:24
   When a day dawns that seems filled with more problems than possibilities.
   When we begin to look for the blessing, we might say something like the words of a spiritual,
   "I don't want to move a mountain, Lord, just give me grace to climb"....More

Murmuring - Matthew 21:28-31
   Let us hope we never lose this word from our vocabulary because when you pronounce
   the word, "murmur," or "murmuring" over and over again, you can sense the power and action
   of what is happening.
   Murmurings are the half-suppressed grumblings, the contemptuous complaints said in a corner.
   They are the critical side comments. ...More

It's A Good Habit! - 1 Thessalonians. 5:18
   The giving of thanks is a habit to be learned rather than some spontaneous and accidental thing.
     It is a habit that can be learned.
   Some of us have never thought of constant, habitual thanksgiving as being a habit
     that God wanted us to have....More

Reasons to Rejoice - 1 Peter 1:3-9
   Thanksgiving and rejoicing come naturally to a people of faith.
   Thanksgiving and rejoicing are at the very heart of a growing relationship with God.      
   When we live a life of dependence upon God, we learn to rejoice in whatever circumstances
   we find ourselves....More

When Thanks Are Not Enough! - Luke 18:9-14
   Thanks are not enough when the basis of our trust is only in ourselves.
   Phillips translates this verse: "He gave this illustration to certain people who were confident
   of their own goodness

Whole-Hearted Gratitude - Luke 17:15,16
   God also appreciates it when we tell Him that we know that all that we have has come to us
   by His grace, generosity, and love.
   God would have us have the humility to admit that without His goodness and kindness toward us
   life wouldn't be worth living....More

Times For Thanksgiving - 1 Thessalonians. 5:18
   Let us look at some of the times that we can give thanks.
   We can give thanks in difficult circumstances because God will use those times to surround us with His love.
   We must see how intense God's love is for us....More

Grace Of Gratitude - Luke 17:15,16
   If you haven't learned to say "Thank you," then you're improverishing the world you live in,
   and you are improverishing your own soul....More

Sacrifices Of Thanksgiving - Psalm 107:21-22
   This psalm rises to the sublime heights of inspired song.
   Nowhere in all literature can it be matched for its spontaneous surge of thankfulness to God.
   Its vivid imagery depicts the varied course of human pilgrimage, and the wise Providence of a merciful God.
   It sounds both notes of warning and encouragement, and exhorts God-fearing people to tell others
   of His goodness and unfailing love.... More

We Thank God! - Psalm 100
   It is with grateful hearts, mindful of the beauty of nature all about us, and the greatness of
   the leaders of the past; thankful for the work of the world that must be done, and conscious of what
   we owe our friends and loved ones, we can add our voices to all those who thank God for their blessings....More

Where Is Thanksgiving?- Luke 17:17-19
   Can't you imagine Jesus looking out over this congregation and crying out, "I gave forgiveness
   for their sins, and gave them life forever in heaven, but where are John and Bill and James and Mary
   and Betty and Jane...?"
   Let us not be found thankless!....More

Thanks Be To God! - John 6:25-35
   Thanksgiving has become a holiday in which we tend to congratulate ourselves for all we have accumulated.
   We live in a self-help, self-made society where self-reliance is exalted.
   People are valued for what they produce, rather than who they are.
   Gratitude is essential to us as Christians.... More

Be Thankful -- Regardless! - Habakkuk. 3:17-19
   Yet, even in the worst of times there is so much for which we can be grateful.
     It is easy to thank God in the times of abundance; but we must also give thanks when things are not so good.
     So, be thankful -- regardless!... More

Thanksgiving Every Day! - 1 Thessalonians 5:18
   These words have something of the impossible about them.
   They call us to heights which seem to be too rugged and steep for our feeble feet.
   That is probably why many of us never think of taking this great passage seriously.
   We simply bypass it... More.

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