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Deacon Ordination - Matthew 20:20-28
   In this passage the quality of humility is added to our conception of the word "deacon."
   It is not just service, exalted as that ideal may be, but a genuine consciousness that, in that service,
   there is to be nothing of self or self-seeking.
   The deacon is to serve, and that service is given so naturally that the deacon is unconscious
   of the service he renders.
   The service flows from the Christ within because He is within....More

1980 Graduates - Proverbs 4:23, 25-26
   If you trust in your own resources, your own cleverness, your own self-righteousness,
   you are on a collision course with disaster.
   So, be willing to be dependent.
   We need each other.
   Are you capable of making important decisions?
   Unless you know how to say, "No," and when to say, "Yes," you're not prepared
   for the next big step in your life. ...More

The Work Place (Labor Day) - Colossians 3:23-24
   Have you given thought to the idea that you are to serve God even when you are at work?
   Many give their best to their employer and give their leftovers to God.
   They live one way at work, and live another way at church.
   A Christian is to serve God all the time.
   Every occupation has dignity -- if it is honorable work.
   Every Christian is a minister and every Christian should be serving God full-time.
   God's Word says, "In all labor there is profit." (Proverbs 14: 23) ...More

Secret Of Old Age - Joshua 14:6-13
   Caleb's ambitious request, "Give me this mountain," is a wonderful watchword for the aging Christian.
     As we near old age, we must not lose the spirit of adventure and aggression.
     We must not become hesitant to risk another step of faith for God.
     We must not shrink from the rigors of battle.
     Maybe we should remove our house slippers and attack some menacing mountain
     in which the enemies of God are entrenched. ...More

Installation Service - John 8:12
   America is threatened by an enemy which is more far reaching in its scope, and far more deadly
   in its effect than all the combined armies of the world.
   For the threat which looms large against us would not only enslave the bodies of men and women,
   boys and girls, but their minds and souls as well.
   The plans of the enemy are aimed not only at our nation, but against the whole world.
   In vain would we hope for deliverance were it not for the claim of Him who said,
   "I am the light of the world." (John 8:12) ...More

Graduation 1981- Proverbs 23; 25-26
   The most important decisions determine a person's basic character structure are usually
   decided upon by age 2 or 3.
   Most of the rest occur by age 6, while other decisions may be made through adolescence
   and some even later.
   Before the age of 6, a child may gather inappropriate fears, anxiety, a deeply rooted sense
   of guilt, inferiority, overdependence, and obsessions.
   We must have Christian homes!
   We must have happy homes were affection is put into love; where discipline is an expression of caring;
   where fatherly love gives companionship, which engenders trust and confidence of the child;
   where motherly love kindles the child's idealism. ...More

Graduates 1983 - Proverbs 3:5-6
   Without a sense of direction one is a drifter, always dependent upon someone else to think and to act for him.
   Is the main purpose of your life to get more money; get married; work the minimum
   and get the maximum; leave home; survive; or what else?
   We are all headed somewhere, searching for a passport to life.
   The decision of which road you take in life is up to you.
   The choice of the direction of your life determines the destination at which you will ultimately arrive....More

Memorial Day 1980
   Many Americans will place a flag or flowers on the graves of those who served in the armed forces of our country.
   We do remember them!
   We will never forget them!
   Their memories are powerful influences on our lives!
   We idealize them, recalling some virtue or trait of character, which each of them possessed,
   and by such idealization, we become better men and women.
   We draw strength from their memories and then go again about our own tasks,
   meeting our own responsibilities with high courage and deeper fortitude.
   They have placed in our hands an inheritance and a heritage.
   We will forever be indebted to them. ...More

Things To Remember (Memorial Day) - Isaiah 30:21
   Isaiah 30: 21: "Thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it;
   when ye turn to the right hand and to the left
   This text is an injunction from a wise prophet urging us to learn from our remembered experiences.
   We should get suggestions from it on this Sunday which follows Memorial Day....More

The Expendables (Memorial Day) - John 11:47-52
   Humanity can almost be said to be divided into two classes: those who live the full, rich life,
   and those who die to make the full life possible for others.
   It remains to this day one of our most tragic facts of reality that some of us must be sacrificed for the rest of us.
   Memorial Day vividly reminds us of this historic principle.
   None of us doubts for a moment that we are citizens of the greatest republic in the history of man
   because so many gave their lives to make it possible. ...More

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