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New Year

Welcome To New Year Sermons!.

Good Cheer For The New Year - Deut. 11:12
   All who have trusted in Jesus are under the guidance of the great Joshua.
   We have left the wilderness of conviction and fear and have come into the Canaan of faith.
  The eyes of God are upon us from the beginning of the year to its very end....More

Happy New Year! - Psalm 100:4
   Everyday in our community, we read of violence and death.
   There is so much unkindness and plain selfishness.
   How can we dare to be happy?
   No one should make happiness his or her goal in life.
   Happiness is never experienced by seeking it directly.
   Happiness is a by-product....More

Challenge Of Change! - Malachi 3:6, Hebrews. 11:25
   Someone has said: " When we have more memories than dreams, life is over."
   When we have greater memories than dreams we will never make a difference
   in changing our world for God.
   We must know where we are going and what we are going to do! ...More

Make A Difference! - Hebrews 11:25
   You, too, can make a difference in the lives of those around you.
   You can be the one who brings people together.
   You can be the one who brings encouragement to the discouraged.
   You can be the one who shines the light of truth that brings light to those in the darkness
   of doubt and fear.
   God can use you with the abilities He has already given you to make a difference.
   With His help, you can make a difference. ...More

If You Go With Us! - Numbers. 10:32
   It could also be that our churches are not giving great challenges.
   We must hold before them the great purpose that we have in Christ.
   Only as we understand the great mission will we experience great joy and great victory.
   The church should be Moses' telling everyone that we are to go together
   and find our fulfillment in His service. ...More

Search For Excellence! - 1 Corinthians. 12:27-31
   The search for excellence is a great Christian principle.
   We are stewards of our minds, our bodies, and our souls.
   We must seek the best.
   Neglect and complacency are among our deadliest enemies....More

The Best Is Yet To Come! - Psalm 42:5
   To you, God has given possibilities unlimited!
   What matters is not where you have been, but where you are going.
   Believe it!
   Never stop believing, the best is yet to come! ...More

Courage For The New Year! - Deut. 33:24-25
   We follow the determined Lord Jesus, who set His face steadfastly toward
   Jerusalem, the storm center of His life.
   Man is the idle dreamer who fashions a world of make believe.
   But Jesus lives in the world of reality, and performs a beneficial ministry on real people. ...More

What We Need Most! - Phil. 2:15-16a
   Love got Paul in prison.
   Love caused Paul to be stoned, which resulted in a bleeding back.
   However, it was this love that resulted in people everywhere he went knowing about the Saviour.
   Loving this way should come naturally for those who trust Christ.
   It begins with trusting Him, but it is enhanced by other spiritual exercises.
   We must get near people before we can love them. ...More

A Future With Hope! - John 14:1-3
   Whatever each new day may bring, Christians face the future with hope.
   Hope is the cornerstone of Christian faith.
   Christians have a responsibility of nourishing hope.
   To claim to believe in God who can do all things, and then live without hope,
   is to tarnish our Christian testimony. ...More

“Rejoice In The Lord Always!” - Phil. 4:4
   The quality of joy is a distinctively Christian concept.
   Nowhere in the Greco-Roman world of New Testament days,
   nor in any of the civilizations that preceded it, will you find the attribute of Christian joy.
   Believers in Christ are the only people who have ever experienced that deep
   and abiding sense of satisfaction and contentment that finds its source
   in the realization of sins forgiven and a right relationship to God....More

Time Flies! - John 9:4
   5000 years ago, a wise man wrote in Sanskrit about the value of time:
   "Yesterday is only a dream, and tomorrow is but a vision.
   Yet, each day, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
   and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
   Look well, therefore, to this one day, for it and it alone is life."...More

One Day At A Time! - Matt. 6:34
   Many of us live under the crushing burden of accumulated yesterdays and fearful tomorrows.
   To do so disqualifies us and robs us of the opportunity to really live in the present.
   Someone has said that there are two days that we should eliminate from our calendar.
   One of those days is yesterday, the other is tomorrow.
   We must beware lest we let yesterday or tomorrow hinder us from doing our best today....More

The Best Days Of 2000 - Psalm 90:15
   The bad days were also the days that brought us into closer touch with reality.
   In our anxiety and pain, we took a long, hard look at life and reorganized some of our values.
     We saw the things that matter, and we saw the things that don't matter.
   We loosened our grip on artificial supports and tightened our grip on spiritual realities....More

Charting The Course! - Mark 1:1-13
   There will be many choices we will be required to make.
   We can live for things, for power, for self-interest, for pleasures, or for the expectations of people,
   but none of these will make our life meaningful.
   None of these will fulfill our needs.
   Only a right relationship with God can do that....More

Brighter Tomorrow - Psalm 97
   The days ahead may be loaded with difficulties.
   Greater is He that is with us than all that are against us.
   He will not fail, nor be discouraged.
   He will bring forth justice and victory.
   Let this truth of faith pervade your private life. ...More

Our God Reigns! - Rev. 19:6
   God holds the world in His hands.
   The world may seem to be going to pieces, disintegrating -- well, it had to be integrated
   before it could disintegrate.
   God has never advocated His creative power.
   Science and providence convince us that God's creative power is still at work.
   With God working -- something new can always happen in the world.
   That is what our text means.
   Catch the optimism of that possibility....More


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