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Father's Day

Welcome To Father's Day Sermons!

“Daddy, How Do You Spell Love - 1 John 4:7-16
   Our children are asking the question: "How do you spell love?"
   A world desperately in need of Christ's love is watching and waiting for our response,
   which will make the difference in the quality of life now and forever....More

God, Give Us Men! - Ezekiel 22:30
   The problem with such a man is not too few hours in the week.
   The problem is with his heart -- he has no appetite for that which is spiritual.
   That is sad, but not only sad -- but it is absolutely sinful.
   That man will stand before God. ...More

FathersOf Faith! - Proverbs 4:1
   The present economic system has somewhat deemphasized the importance of Dad.
   Among the very poor, various governmental social agencies have become the provider
   and in many of the affluent families a portion of the income is a result of the wife's earnings.
   From a Biblical standpoint, man was created for something more
   than "bringing home the bacon."...More

“How Big Is Your God, Daddy?” - Genesis 32:7-12
   "How big is your God, Daddy?"
   Any father who doesn't know how to answer that question can find the answer
   in giving his life to the Lord Jesus...More

The Right Kind Of Father - Ephesians 6:1-4
   If fathers could realize that maintaining a consistent faith within the family is a battle,
   not a game, and would apply themselves as energetically as they do in the economic arena,
   victories would be immediately evident.... More

Advice From A Father - Matt. 18:25
   Isn't it interesting!
   When God chose a man to raise His Son it was not a religious man -- it was an average working man.
   Joseph taught Jesus how to be a good carpenter.
   He also taught Him the ways and will of God. ...More

Help For Fathers - Genesis 5:21
   A church can and must help fathers to become better fathers.
   The church must provide opportunities for enriching family relationships and improving
   the quality of home life.
   Each father must help himself become a good father.
   In the final analysis, you are responsible for the kind of father you are to your children....More

Men Made Here! - Judges 8:21
   The church is to open up the channels of grace to all men.
   Let the church put up in truth and reality, the sign, "Men Made Here!"
   It is a God-written sign.
   The church will then stimulate the home, the school, business, community, and the government,
   to share in the glorious enterprise of making men....More

Fatherhood - Luke 5:11-32
   God intentionally revealed Himself as Father because He is Father.
   Father reveals something of His nature and character, something He wants us to understand.
   We live in an age where fatherhood has been depreciated.
   There is no doubt that the traditional understanding of the family is under constant attack....More

Fathers, What Has Happened? - 1 Samuel 2:12-17
   Fathers must realize that the most important responsibility is to bring up their children
   in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
   Fathers, evaluate the way you use your time at home.
   Make it your top priority to spend more time with your children.
   Plan for ways to make your time together memorable....More

“Is It Well With Thee?" - 2 Kings 4:26
   Father, this means that you have the responsibility of laying a foundation in the very earliest stages
   of life that can sustain and support your child his entire life.
   Sadly, the pivotal time for laying a foundation is often neglected or relegated to a lesser priority....More


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