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The Forgotten God!

Jeremiah 2:28-32

The Literary Digest of September 15, 1923, states:
"History knows no disaster which parallels the earthquake and fire that visited Japan this month,
and laid waste the capital city and the chief seaport

The New York Tribune called this earthquake "undoubtedly the greatest disaster in recorded time."

The New York Times described the havoc as covering about 45,000 square miles
which contained five large cities and a population of 7 million.

Other news articles reported that virtually every building in Yokohama was destroyed.
Perhaps three-fourths of Tokyo was burned, and the entire city with its 5 million inhabitants
was shattered by the earthquake.
A joint survey made by Secretary Hoover and the Red Cross estimated the dead
at almost 300,000 with 2,500,000 people homeless.

Disease and despair rode throughout the island empire.
Then help came!
Help came from America for helpless Japan!

Food, clothing, medical supplies, money, and volunteer workers came by the shipload.
The American Red Cross collected $10 million from the people of the United States
for the suffering and homeless Japanese people.

Those who lived through the awful earth tremors, the gigantic waves, and the tongues of fire
seemed doomed to die from starvation or disease.
But they did not... because America remembered.
America remembered their need, their suffering, and their hunger.

The Japanese were grateful.
They put their appreciation in writing.
Walter Keirman, correspondent for the International News Service, recalls their words:
"Japan will never forget! ."

But Japan did forget!

American ships of mercy were forgotten, and the rising Sun sent planes of destruction in return.
On Dec. 7,1941, Japanese airplanes brought death and destruction to Pearl Harbor.
The Rising Sun proclaimed that they would bring America to its knees,
and that America would beg for mercy.

The Japanese are not the only ones who have overlooked past mercies.

Long ago, the Lord said of Israel: "My people have forgotten me days without number."
(Jeremiah 2:32)
God had truly blessed Israel, but they forgot.
They forgot that: "The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God."
(Psalm 9:17)

It pays to remember!

Nothing but heartbreak, grief, and woe can come to those who choose to disregard
the mercies and the immutable counsels of God.

God has blessed America, but America has also forgotten God.

America has forgotten what made her strong and great.
America has forgotten God.
Americans, like the Romans of old, are addicted to pleasure.

We spend $83 million a year for leisure activities.
Another $35 billion will be spent on vacation travel within the United States.
Foreign travel adds an additional $5 billion.

Rome lost her soul into a merry-go-round of "wine, women, and song."
America is doing the same!

When will our nation learn that you cannot have morale without morality? When will we learn our lesson?
Men or nations cannot forget God without paying the consequences.

Computers have calculated that you, an average citizen in America, will live an average of 70 years.
You will invest those years in: Now, listen to this!

Assuming that you spend five minutes a day in prayer, and up to three hours a week in church,
at the end of 70 years, you would have spent only 20 months in prayer and praise.
On any given Sunday only 40 percent of church members in America attend church services.

Knowing that we have no guarantee of tomorrow, and that tragedy can strike at any time
in many different ways, how can we forget God?
With over one-half of the world hungry, multiplied millions living on the brink of starvation,
with crime crushing the life out of our cities, neighbors living and walking in terror by day
and sleeping in fear by night, wars always starting and seldom ending -- how can we forget God?

Yet, we have forgotten God!

Patrick Henry once said: "I know of no way of judging the future, but by the past."

The Roman Empire had a history to which we, as Americans, can relate.
The world lay at her feet.
The wealth of the world flowed into Rome.
What the armies of her victims could not do, wealth and luxurious living did.
Rome rotted on the inside!

Even her pagan religious values lost their meaning.
The citizens of Rome lost their initiative, depending on the government for circuses and bread.
Taxes soared, corruption increased in public and private life,
marriage decayed, divorce increased, and homes were broken.

What had once been a mighty Empire became a hollow shell.
Rome fell easy prey to the barbarians from the North.
Every force which destroyed the Roman Empire is at work in our nation this very hour.

We need revival!
The only thing that can save us is a revival of genuine Christian religion.

Even more tragic -- could it be?
We, His children, the church have forgotten God!
After God has blessed us so -- have we also forgotten God?

Check these statistics: Have we, His children, forgotten God? Once we would have been sick at the sight of sin.
Once we would have had sleepless nights over sin.
But now there is no problem -- there is no remorse -- God has been forgotten! When any of these things are true -- God has been forgotten!
If any of these aspects apply to you, then to that extent, you have forgotten God!

How long will God tolerate our forgetfulness?
How long will it be until judgment begins at the house of God?

We need revival! It is time to remember God!

The Great Depression was behind, and on March 18, 1937,
people were prosperous in New London, Texas from an oil boom.
The streets were filled with new cars and bank accounts were fat from royalties.

Unfortunately, the material prosperity seemed to have caused a decline of interest in spiritual causes.
The people of New London, Texas had no time for God.
They had forgotten God!

One Wednesday night -- only the janitor and the pastor appeared for the midweek prayer services.
On the very next day, a fateful Thursday, New Londoners went about their business as usual.

School children were busy in the new school building which had been constructed from oil revenues.
The new school building was the pride of New London.

Suddenly, the new school blew apart in a thunderous explosion.
Children were blown out the windows upon the playground like leaves caught in a gigantic whirlwind.
It happened too quickly for even a warning.

One moment the citizens of New London were going about their routine work;
the next thing they knew, they were picking up their dead children from off the school ground.

Altogether, 294 children died from that tragic explosion.
That was horrible!
That was tragic!
That brought great grief to the entire city.

Twenty years after the blast, an elderly Baptist deacon said:
"I'll never forget that scene in the Baptist Church after the explosion.
The church was packed and jammed the next Wednesday night.
Parents were sobbing in repentance.

There were so many converted, the pastor couldn't keep count.
We had all forgotten God and begun worshiping the things which the oil royalties could buy.
But after the tragedy, in which almost every family in the town and in the surrounding area
lost a child, we woke up to see what was important

Oh, may we wake up and see what is really important!

We need revival!

"Coming now to Thee, O Christ my Lord
Trusting only in Thy precious Word,
Let my humble prayer to Thee be heard,
And send a great revival in my soul.

Send a great revival in my soul,
Send a great revival in my soul,
Let the Holy Spirit come and take control,
And send a great revival in my soul

Sermon by Dr. Harold L. White
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