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Threats To Our Nation Proverbs 14:34

The Bible says:

When you read those Scriptures you know that this nation is in trouble.
We are no longer say a nation of righteousness.
The Bible says, "Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord," but we can no longer say
that the Lord is our God. We are a people who have long enjoyed the freedom of our republic.
I doubt that the majority of the citizens of this country realize our kind of government.

There are five basic types of government.
  1. There is a monarchy, which is a rule by one.
  2. There is an oligarchy, which is the rule by a few -- the elite.
  3. There is a democracy, which is the rule by a majority.
  4. There is the republic, which is the rule by law.
  5. Then there is anarchy, which is the rule by none.
Probably most Americans think that our kind of government is a democracy.
We do not have a democracy.

In our pledge allegiance to the flag, we pledge allegiance "to the republic for which it stands,"
not "the democracy." We do not want an oligarchy, nor do we want a democracy.
In a democracy a majority can become mob rule. The children in our schools are sometimes taught that we have a democracy.
The truth is that which has given to us a land of freedom is the a republic, which is our United States.

To be confused today about our kind of government presents a serious problem.
Many college students, high school students, and average citizens in America believe
that the government is the source of their rights.
Nothing could be further from the truth!

Our forefathers who gave us the Constitution knew that a government that gives rights is a government
that can take away rights.
So, they wisely gave us a Constitution that guarantees our rights.

Consider this statement from the Declaration of Independence: "Endowed by their Creator" is the key point, not by their "government."
We are endowed our rights of freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness by the God who created man
to be free and to be equal.

If you should ask the average American what the purpose of the government is, he would probably answer
that the purpose is to provide for the needs of the people.
This is why many people would like to replace our republic form of government with a socialistic form of government. We do need government, but we need a government based on constitutional law.
Our forefathers have given us the Constitution to protect the rights and freedoms of all the people
who make up these United States.

Some years ago college student who was marching in the streets and doing all in his power to destroy
our form of government, was asked: "What are you doing?"

He said, "I want to destroy the system."

"Why would you want to destroy the system?"

"I don't like the system."

"What are you going to replace this system with?"

"I don't know now. We'll figure that out later."

And this wise man said to the student, "Has it ever occurred to you that those who incite you to riot,
those who would challenge you to destroy this system of government already know and have planned
the type of government they want to replace this republic with?

There was no answer from the student.
He just shrugged his shoulders.

We need to understand the role of our government. We do not want any other form of government.
There is no group of people in all the world who have been so free, as we are in America.
We are ruled by the principles of a republic.
Most of the people who have ever lived have lived in slavery.
In this republic we are free.

The two concepts that are the basis of a sound republic are patriotism and faith in the Lord God.
Remove God from a society and it is unfit in which to live. This nation has as its foundation the home.
And, when the home is destroyed, it is the sure sign of our downfall.

Karl Marx had this to say about the home: "The bourgeoisie claptrap about the family and education,
about the hallowed co-relation of parents and child becomes all the more disgusting

Those who agree with such statements would remove God from our society.
They must destroy the home in order to destroy our republic.
This is the threat we face.

Another threat to our nation is gross immorality.
Any nation goes that route will collapse, and will experience the judgment of God.
This is seen in Scripture and history.

The Word of God says that the nation that forgets God shall be turned into hell.
Pornography, perversion, and the occult are eating away at the moral fiber that holds this nation together.

When we become apathetic and when we no longer care, evil will move in and enslave us.

We must pray that our nation would turn to God. If we do not pray, nothing that we do will make much difference.
But if we do pray, whatever we do will make a tremendous difference.

We must be vigilant!
That means more than just voting -- many never even vote. There is so much we we can do.

The fact that we are citizens of this republic means us already involved.
Either we are going to become involved like God wants us to be involved, or we are going to sit on the sideline
and let someone else decide our present and future well being. Without God in the life of our nation, there is no hope for this nation or for our families.

We are responsible for what happens in America.
We must pray.
We are to pay the price so that our world may know that our God is God

When Christians set themselves apart from the ways of the world, and when we live obediently,
and when Jesus Christ again becomes the Lord of our daily lives, the world without Christ will begin to take notice.

Benjamin Franklin said: "He who introduces into the affairs of man the principles of primitive Christianity
will revolutionize the world

And that is what church of Christ must do.
We must get back to those basic principles of Christianity in the Word of God.
And when you and I begin to live these principles in our home; and in our business and in our church,
we will see God move in this nation.

When God-fearing, praying people are willing to pay the price, and are willing to give of themselves courageously
and boldly to the will of God, God will bless our nation again.

Sermon by Dr. Harold L. White
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