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Great Heritage

In a day when it is fashionable to be negative about the United States, many people have lost sight
of what has been accomplished by this great nation.
Newspaper headlines stress current problems.
Television news focuses on the menaces to our society.
Overpopulation, pollution, drugs, race problems, pornography and honesty in government are familiar themes
to most of our citizens.

Yet, with all of these difficulties and more, the United States still sets the pace for the remainder of the world.

America Has a Great History.

The first 4th of July was celebrated with guns, bells and bonfires.
A terrible price was paid for our freedom.
July the fourth is still celebrated with pomp and parades, shows, games and sports.

To make America the great land that it is, fifty-six Americans pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.
It was no idle pledge.

Their fortunes were forfeit, but their honor was not.
No signer defected, or changed his stand, throughout the darkest hours.
Their honor, like the nation, remained intact.
These men died, and most are almost forgotten by their countrymen.
This does not really matter; what does matter is that we remember that freedom comes high.

America Has a Great Flag.

For more than nine score years, it has been the banner of hope and freedom for generation after generation of Americans.
Born amid the first flames of America's fight for freedom, it is a symbol of a country that has grown from
a little group of thirteen colonies to a united nation of 50 sovereign states.

Planted firmly on the high pinnacle of American faith, it's gently fluttering folds have proved an inspiration to untold millions.
Men have followed that great flag into battle with unwavering courage.
We look upon our flag as a symbol of national unity.

So long as men love liberty more than life itself; so long as we treasure the priceless privileges bought
with the blood of our forefathers; so long as the principles of truth, justice and charity for all remain deeply rooted in hearts;
that flag shall continue to be the enduring banner of the United States of America.

America Has a Great God. Someone from another nation once remarked about America: "America is great because America is good;
when she ceases to be good, she will no longer be great

What will you do to keep America great?

Sermon by Dr. Harold L. White
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