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Where Are You Going?

John 12:20-33

Where are you going?
We are all headed somewhere.

I read where a cruise line advertised a "Cruise to Nowhere."
It sails around the Atlantic Ocean towards the Caribbean for three days with no definite destination.
The ship sails to nowhere in particular.

Many live like that.
They just go with the flow.
They have no purpose in life.

We live in the communication age.

What are we doing with all the information and the instant communication? It is absolutely essential that we must prepare for our journey through this life and into the next.
Our life is heading somewhere.
We know that life on this earth will come to an end.
We also know that we will continue to live in eternity.
There are two destinations -- heaven or hell!

Everyone will live either in heaven or hell depending on the preparation that is made.
The information we need to prepare for the journey is found in God's Word.
The Bible is the only book that contains the information we must have for final trip.

If you knew, that was our last week to live, what would you do? Many can say that they have gotten most of what they wanted in life.
They got that car, that house, that husband, wife, etc. that they pursued.

If we get what we want, will we want what we get?
If we did get what we wanted, how long were we satisfied with it?
How long did it take for it to lose its attraction?

More money never satisfies. What do you want? This kind of life; this kind of hope; this kind of peace can be found only in Jesus.
Jesus showed us how to live a life of purpose and peace.
Jesus made the most of every day of His life. Jesus didn't value the things we do.

Let's take a look at Jesus and learn from Him. Yet, Jesus had real peace and purpose in His life. He made the most of everyday.
He had a faith that gave Him peace. Our Scripture passage teaches us how Jesus lived such a life. In our text, He uses the analogy of placing a seed into the ground.
It must be planted in the ground or it will not spring forth with life.
But, when that little seed is put into the ground, there comes the miracle of life.
That little seed produces much fruit.

Jesus is saying, "If that little seed can do that, God will bring glory out of death."
God can take the dead seed of our life, and join it to Christ's, and we will live with Him in glory forever!
God wants all of us to have that life.

Where are you going?
What is your eternal destination?

Jesus says, "Come, follow me!"
Follow Jesus and you can be sure that your destination will be heaven.
Give Him your all!

God deserves and demands that we be completely dedicated to Him.
Let's us commit ourselves to Him, completely.

Bob Wendel has come up with what he calls, "A Cross Scale of Commitment."
The scale goes from the most serious commitment to the least:

10. Go to the cross and rise in 3 days.
9. Go to the cross and rise in 2 days
8. Go to the cross and rise in 1 day
7. Watch someone else go to the cross
6. Visit Golgotha on vacation
5. Wear a cross at work
4. Wear a cross to Church
3. Buy a cross for a friend
2. Look at crosses in a religious catalog
1. Write with a Cross Pen.

What is the level of your commitment?
Where are you headed? Head in the right direction?
You can make preparation for that last trip by placing your faith in Jesus.

Come to Jesus! Sermon By Dr. Harold L. White
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