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Don't Forget The Baby!

Hebrews 1: 1-9

A family was going home for Christmas.
It was a journey they had been planning for some time.
They had talked about it for weeks.
Everything was in the car, and they were ready to go.

As they were ready to back out of the driveway, they were doing a verbal inventory to be sure they had everything.

Everything was in order.
Just as the husband eased the car out of the driveway, his wife let out an agonized wail.
She said, "O, Jim, we forgot the baby!"

It can happen.
Many years ago when I was a pastor in Texas, I was locking the church doors after everyone had gone home.
Suddenly a car drove up quickly.
It was one of our members.
Johnny and his wife had five children, and they had forgotten the baby who was still asleep inside the church.

Christmas is a busy time. Don't forget the baby!
That is what Christmas is all about!

Isn't it strange how God came into His world! Everyone can understand that.
It doesn't require a lot of explanation.

What does it mean -- this baby at Christmas time?

It Means We Must Think Small.

"Think Small!" was once the motto of small, imported automobiles.
That motto went against the grain of America's mania for everything to be bigger and better.
We seem to assume that if anything is bigger -- it is better.

But what can you think of a baby, except small?

Christmas means that God has come into our commonplace world. We're like that, aren't we?
We don't expect Deity in the midst of the ordinary.
Think small!

He came into His world as a little baby.
Don't forget the baby!

His Coming Means -- God Stooped To Save Us.

God took upon Himself our humanity. One of the early church fathers said,
"He became what we are, in order that He might make us what He is." He was one of us. God Stooped To Win Us To Himself.

That's what the baby in the manger means.
Don't forget the baby!

It means God spoke by His Son.

"In olden times," said the author of Hebrews, "God spoke in many wonderful ways through the prophets,
but in these latter days He has spoken to us by His Son

He speaks of our worth! You are somebody!
You matter!
You count!
You have great worth because the Lord God of glory loves you that much.

Christmas speaks of His limitless love, of His joy, and of His peace.

Sermon by Dr. Harold L. White
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